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Vampires of Quentaris – Paul Collins

Michael and I knew the first Quentaris series was coming to an end with Vampires and Battle. So I wanted a fast-paced, action-filled novel, but one that would segue into series #2, Quest of the Lost City. Although challenging, I managed to set up that the Quentaran army was out of Quentaris, laying siege to Tolrush, but I needed main characters like Storm, the Nibhellines and the Duelphs to remain inside Quentaris when a saboteur threw the city into a vortex. See if you can spot more foreshadowing that links Vampires of Quentaris to the first book in series #2, The Spell of Undoing (March, 2008).
Quentaris is at war with Tolrush, draining the city of every able bodied fighter. Famous Quentaran rift guide, Rad de La’rel, is shocked to discover that his beloved city has been left wide open to attack by vampires. Other cities have already fallen to the scourge and Quentaris is next in line. Rad prepares Quentaris for its greatest onslaught yet. But how can a ragtag army stop vampires who suck the souls from their victims, leaving zombie-like remains? Quentaris is fast filling up with the walking dead ...
Rad de La’rel unhooked the darkened glass eye shield and gauze veil from around his face and stood patiently at the mouth of the cave. He squinted against the bright glare and took a deep breath. Nowhere else in all the worlds he’d visited did the sunshine look so friendly or the air smell so fresh as it did in Quentaris. It was a moment he liked to savour, a reminder of how lucky he was to be Quentaran, especially on days he’d survived yet another perilous trip through the rift caves.

From all around came the sounds of home.

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