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The Perfect Princess - Jenny Pausacker

Whenever people talk about being a medieval princess in a past life, I always suspect that I would've been a servant or a beggar - so, when I read Michael and Paul's description of Quentaris, I instantly related to the kids in the Dung Brigade who sweep the streets of the city. Tab arrived in my mind straight away and while I was wondering what would happen to her, I started to think about those medieval princesses... and somehow 'The Perfect Princess' ended up as a story that compares people at the top of the heap with people at the bottom of the heap.
Tab Vidler is an orphan who works for the Dung Brigade, sweeping the streets of Quentaris. One day she meets a mysterious stranger called Azt Marossa and before long she is helping him escape from the Archon's guards and avoid Duelph and Nibhelline sword fighters. Most importantly of all, she's finding out what really happened to her heroine, the Perfect Princess, who fled Quentaris years ago...
A man charged towards Tab, swinging his double-edged sword. When she yelped and ducked, the sword clanged into the breastplate of a woman standing behind her. Tab stood up and came face to face with another warrior, not much older than her. She slammed her broom into his chest and grinned triumphantly when he fell backwards, then jumped over him and ran for her life.

The flower sellers were hiding under their stalls and their customers were diving into the cafes, calling desperately for the City Watch. Tab saw a boy climb up to the stone dragon on top of the fountain in the middle of the square. That gave her an idea.

'The Princess!' she gasped. 'She'll save me.'

She skirted round the edge of the battle, fending off warriors with her broom. Sweat dripped down into her eyes and before long, Tab could hardly see a thing. She swerved and bumped into a tall stone slab. When she wiped some of the sweat from her eyes and leaned closer, she was able to read the letters cut into the stone.
"Melindel, Princess of Quentaris."

Phew. So she had made it. Safe at last.

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