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The Skyflower - Justin D’Ath

When Paul Collins asked me to write a Quentaris book I eagerly accepted the challenge. I'd written only one other fantasy novel, Shaedow Master, and remembered how exciting it had been to create whole new worlds. But I had no idea where to begin. Then my partner, Ryn, offered me a wonderful gift. She's also a writer (of short stories for adults) and had been playing round with an idea about a girl who carries a beehive around in a suitcase. But the idea hadn't led anywhere. 'Would you like to use it?' Ryn asked me. So I named the girl Abelha (which means bee in Portuguese) and gave her a barrow rather than a suitcase to carry her bees round in. Then I thought, I need a boy character, too - perhaps even a love-interest for Abelha, because she seemed lonely - so I created a boy called Joshi, who liked flowers ...
and The Skyflower grew from there.
Joshi is a disappointment to those around him. Born into the powerful Nibhelline family, he prefers growing flowers to living up to the family name. So when Joshi meets Abelha, and learns of the existence of a mysterious green flower beyond an unexplored rift, he finally has a chance to earn his family's respect. But first he and Abelha must journey into an exotic world where trees reach into the sky, unicorns feed in ferny groves and unexpected dangers lie in wait for the unwary ...
He had to test each branch first. Often they were slippery, or too skinny to take his weight. So when one skidded sideways beneath his heel and slid up over his ankle, Joshi thought nothing of it. He simply moved his foot sideways, searching for another, more stable foothold. But the slippery branch moved sideways, too; almost as if it were following him.

Then it coiled sinuously around his calf.

Joshi gasped and looked down. It wasn't a branch - it was the bronze scaly arm of a hectapus!

For a moment time seemed to stand still, Joshi was frozen in fear. Just his eyes moved and what they observed only compounded his sense of doom. The creature seemed to be everywhere. Its slimy orange body hung six feet below him like some vile, overripe fruit, while the rest of it - a vast tangle of impossibly long, boneless tentacles - was knotted around almost every branch in sight; some even disappeared all the way around the massive tree trunk. But its body was the worst part. The small fish-like eyes were fixed hungrily on Joshi, and its toothy mouth opened and closed with a wet hissing and clicking sound.

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