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Battle for Quentaris – Michael Pryor

With Series One of the Quentaris Chronicles coming to an end, I wanted to write a book where Nisha and Tal are faced with a challenge that threatens all Quentaris - but one where the response needs to come from the entire city!

Who owns the mysterious statues found under the Old Tree Guesthouse? The claims of two mortal enemies turn from argument to battle and soon all of Quentaris is drawn into their age-old struggle. Nisha Fairsight must use her wits, wisdom and her fire magic to prevent the madness from spreading, to stop friend fighting friend and neighbour battling neighbour. Is this the end for the magical city of Quentaris?

Nisha Fairsight caught the sharp, vinegary smell of the Zolka long before she made out its bulk at the foot of the stairs. She stopped dead, peeing at the shadows, trying to see how many of the giant insect-like creatures were in the cellar of the Old Tree Guesthouse.

‘Come on, Nisha,’ Tal urged from behind her. ‘We have to find Stanas. Why aren’t you moving?’

‘Ssh.’ Nisha held up the oil lamp. A dry scuttling noise came from below.

‘What was that?’ Tal asked.


Tal hissed. ‘Should I fetch Arna?’

She shook her head. ‘Arna’s gone to the market after flour. I don't think - ’

Before she could finish her reply, the stairs were wrenched from beneath her feet.
Tal lurched towards her and they fell together.

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