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Stolen Children of Quentaris - Gary Crew

Having written ‘Plague of Quentaris’, I liked the kids and wanted to know more about them – so I had to write a prequel to do that.

Why did Nordian traders kidnap children from the city of Quentaris? Did they really sell them to the hideous Rodentia, rat king of the Trollantan Mountains? In this spellbinding prequel to The Plague of Quentaris best-selling author Gary Crew reveals all …
The people of Quentaris had always considered a visit from the Nordian bird traders as a mixed blessing. Certainly the Nordians brought the rarest and most beautiful song birds to the city – an exotic luxury that the Quentarans loved – but then again, when the traders left, there was always something missing: a golden necklet here, a short sword there, a leather quill, a prized saddle … and so it went. But who could prove that the Nordians had actually taken these things? Nobody … until the fateful day they stole children – children! – fifteen of Quentaris’s best – kidnapped from the marketplace.

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