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Michael Pryor
I was born in Swan Hill, Victoria, some time ago. I’ve worked as a truck driver, a tap salesman, a teacher and in software development. I’ve always loved fantasy, and one of my earliest reading thrills was stumbling into the world of Narnia. I remember that the first Narnia book I read was The Magician’s Nephew, and I was entranced. I felt my imagination take wings and soar as a world of enchantment was opened in front of me. After that, I wanted more.

I see The Quentaris Chronicles as a playground for the imagination. Quentaris is such a rich place, with so many possibilities, and working with people like Paul makes it more vibrant and colourful, as we play the ‘What if?’ game over and over. Quentaris has grown from the initial conception, layer on layer added by fertile minds. There are countless stories to be told in Quentaris. I feel lucky to be able to tell some of them.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my writing, visit the Michael Pryor Website: www.michaelpryor.com.au
Paul Collins
I was born in England, raised in New Zealand, and went to live in Australia in 1972. Since then I’ve been a publisher, editor, writer, book packager and distributor. I live in a huge 1850s bluestone house in Melbourne, Australia, with fellow children’s writer, Meredith Costain, a kelpie called Jack, Molly, a red heeler, a milk bar cat called Harriet, four chooks and four goldfish.

My most popular books have been The Dog King, Swords of Quentaris, The Great Ferret Race, and Dragonlinks. I also edited the fantasy anthologies Dream Weavers and Fantastic Worlds, and the MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Right now The Quentaris Chronicles is taking up much of my time. Readers of the Deltora Quest books will find much to enjoy in Quentaris. We have action aplenty: sword fights, monsters, political intrigue, slavery and yes, murder! Whereas I originally thought Quentaris as a good boys’ read, Jenny Pausacker and Lucy Sussex have opened up the series to girls. Now everyone should be happy : )

Drop in and visit me at: www.plasticine.com/pcollins
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