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Welcome to the wonderful world of The Quentaris Chronicles!

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The Quentaris Chronicles is a fantasy series set in the magical city of Quentaris. With popular authors Michael Pryor and Paul Collins in charge, The Quentaris Chronicles brings to you books by different writers, each with their tales to tell of this city of infinite variety. Full of magic, mystery and adventure, each book explores Quentaris and its people and brings to you stories of peril and triumph, quests and discoveries, heroes and villains.

Each book is a stand-alone adventure, so you can start with any of the titles below. Explore Quentaris with these independent stories from some of our finest writers!

This site is where you’ll find the latest developments in The Quentaris Chronicles. Add it to your favourites and come back often to check on publication dates, news of author appearances and other happenings in the great unfolding of the Quentaris saga.

Latest News

Slaves in Quentaris has been selected as one of the titles in the internationally acclaimed Ď1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Upí. A great achievement and great recognition for the series!
A New Beginning for Quentaris – Series #2, Quest of the Lost City!

Calamity has befallen the city of Quentaris. Due to a vengeful plot by warlike Tolrush, Quentaris is uprooted – city, cliff-face, harbour and all – and hurled into the uncharted rift-maze. Lost and adrift in this endless labyrinth of parallel universes, encountering both friend and foe and facing unknown dangers, Quentaris must somehow forge a new identity and find its way home.

But there are other surprises too. When Quentaris gets over its shock, it discovers that it's not only lost in some other universe, but now it is a floating city, adrift high above some unknown land, at the mercy of the winds.


Book Three – The Gimlet Eye

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ISBN: 9781-8764-62772

Series #2 Publisher: Ford Street Publishing www.fordstreetpublishing.com
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