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The Mind Master - John Heffernan

There is no doubt that some people can control others by using their minds. Hypnotists are an obvious example. Leaders of cults and political groups are another. It was said that Adolf Hitler could control huge crowds simply with his eyes and his voice. People are able to communicate through their thoughts, and force others to do as they wish. I suspect that animals have such psychic powers as well. I’ve watched a good sheep dog control a mob of sheep simply by eyeing them. In a sense, such skill is a kind of magic, mind magic, for although we know it exists we don’t really know how it works. I wanted to write a story in which such mind magic was a potent force. Quentaris, city of magic and mystery, seemed a perfect setting for such a tale.

Psykhan is the Mind Master. He is an evil character who has gathered around himself a group of followers, slaves to his will, and plans to seize power in Quentaris. But there is another mind master of sorts, a simple youth called Torrad. Initially Torrad has no idea what powers he possesses. But as the story progresses, he becomes more aware. As this happens, though, he is gradually drawn into a web of intrigue and murder which culminates in an almighty battle of wills with Psykhan himself. From the depths of his evil mind, Psykhan hurls every mental monster he can conjure. His foul thoughts take physical shape and threaten to destroy not only Torrad, but the great city of Quentaris itself. Torrad must use every ounce of his mind magic if he is to survive.

The Mind Master is a story of mystery and intrigue, mayhem and murder. But it also a tale in which the might of the mind invades the world of matter. When thoughts take shape, the mind is master.
Can one boy change the course of Quentaran history?
Torrad, a young peasant, has uncovered an evil plot unfolding in Quentaris. Help comes from many quarters: a young contessa, a crippled town crier, a wolf-hound, the roach people, and Torrad's own hidden talents…
As the guards closed the heavy wrought iron gates of the Miragho mansion, a hooded figure could be seen standing in a clump of trees at the edge of the Idlers Gardens. The figure watched the young couple walk down the paved driveway. At one point the young man did turn, briefly staring towards the frees. But the girl tugged at his arm and they continued on their way.

They reached the wide steps that led up to the front door of the mansion. At the top of the steps stood Countess Miragho, a bevy of servants behind her. Nerus ran up the steps and kissed the woman’s hand. They spoke briefly, then entered the mansion.

The hooded figure waited for a moment after the large doors of the mansion closed. Pale face peering from beneath the hood, thin lips creased into a sneer. A claw-like hand emerged from the cloak and rose to the lips. On one bony finger was a gold ring inset with the image of an eagle. The thin lips pressed themselves against the image. Then the figure fumed and disappeared in an instant. Anyone watching would have said it vanished into thin air.

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